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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy that is a partnership between two parties:


  1. The Merchant - the one who offers the goods and services - in this case - Date Crate

  2. The Affiliate - the one who promotes the goods and services - the social media Influencer or Website


The Merchant pays the Affiliate a commission whenever the Affiliate drives traffic resulting in a sale on Date Crates website via the Affiliates unique link.


How Does It Work?

Our Affiliate & Partner Program is designed for the sole purposes of promoting Date Crate.


The goal of the affiliate & partner program is to acquire new subscribers for date night at home subscription boxes.


For all Content/Blog/Influencer/Loyalty affiliates, we pay out a tiered commission rate based on volume that starts at 7%. We offer VIP rates as high as 15% for affiliates who, in addition to driving a large volume of sales, also bring in high-quality long-term subscribers. Non-Content sites and Coupon sites are paid a flat 4% commission.


Commissions are paid on the product sale price, not including postage.


Who Is It For?

The Date Crate Affiliate & Partner Program is currently only available to the following type of affiliates:

  • Niche Content Blogs; across multiple platforms that cater to parents, families and couples;

  • Social Media Influencers; including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube with followers of 5,000 or more.

  • Loyalty Platforms and a limited number of Coupon Sites; we do not work with sites with toolbar extensions or adware.


If you think this is you, please see the finer details below.


So what are the finer details?

If you become an approved Date Crate Affiliate, each month, for a term of 3 consecutive months, you will receive a Full Membership crate at no cost.


We will provide you with a unique affiliate link that will track your successful referrals and we will also provide you with a unique discount code that will give your audience $10 off their first order with us.


As noted above, each successful referral will earn a commission ranging from 4% flat rate for Gift registries, Non-content sites and Coupon Sites and from 7%-15% for Content/Blog/Influencer/Loyalty affiliates.


Affiliates will be engaged for a single initial term of 3 consecutive months, with the Affiliates KPI’s being the indicator as to whether the relationship will renew for a further 3 month term and so on. Key Performance Indicators are based on the number of successful referrals made during the affiliate period.


To achieve referrals, it is recommended that each Affiliate share videos, lives, stories, photos and posts that support the mission and ideals of Date Crate. You are free to photograph the products for this purpose, but you are not to photograph and post in full or in detail the inside contents of the Date Crate Date Guide that is included with each box.


All comments, photos and posts by Approved Affiliates about Date Crate, may also be used exclusively by Date Crate in their marketing initiatives with full credit given to the Affiliate of course.


By agreeing to become a Date Crate Affiliate to receive a FREE Date Crate for a period of 3 consecutive calendar months, you acknowledge and accept these terms of what is expected from a Date Crate Affiliate noted above. Date Crate reserves the right to withdraw the Affiliate Agreement/Offer at anytime should we feel our relationship is not conducive to good business and as an Affiliate you may also chose to terminate your term with us by emailing your request to withdraw to our Customer Care Team, if you feel Date Crate is not a fit with your audience or goals.


A little about us, Date Crate was created by two Mums from Melbourne in 2016 and our mission is to help couples reconnect in fun, exciting and intimate ways each and every month in the comfort of their own home. We love sharing our passion with busy couples and parents around Australia and hope you will too.


If you are still with us and would like to apply to become an Approved Date Crate Affiliate, please email your social media handles for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any other social media channels to along with a brief overview of your mission and goals as a social mediate influencer and we would also love to hear a little bit about you as a person.

You will hear back from us within 5 business days.