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Date Night In - With Zoe G

I hear some of my friends talk about having regular date nights with their partners and I'm so jealous.

This blogger gig has me exhausting all my babysitting options on the regular so a "date night" with no work obligations doesn't happen very often.

2 very clever ladies (of course it was women) came up with @datecrateaust which is different dates in a box, monthly, that you can do at home when the kids get put to bed, and last night we tried our first box. I must admit we were putting it off for a while, preferring to watch rubbish tv and unwind but now that I know how much fun it was I can't wait for the next one.

Spoiler alert:

The box contained all the ingredients to make mint slice together, it had a @spotifyaunz playlist that really set the ambience, and puzzles to suit the theme of the crate. We love puzzles as we are very competitive intellectually so it was right up our alley. We had to solve puzzles to get our gun and our pizza and be ready to defeat the zombie invasion.

Usually my husband would not be into this but his face lit up when he heard me read the pamphlet. He also accidentally shot me with the "gun" while he was loading it and I still have a red graze on my neck (he's very clumsy). See my instastory from last night if you want to see more.

I highly, highly recommend you check it out. Next months theme is Parisian nights. *p.s if your husband/partner ask, YES there is a sexy time option right at the end.

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