Inside the Crate - July Parisian Nights

Our July Parisian Nights date box was all about ROMANCE and FUN.

Couples found themselves having to create a typical French dessert, Crepes! We included everything they need to enjoy this delicious treat, including the just add water crepe mix, a betty crocker whisk and two specialty homemade jams from our friends at "Not Your Normal Jam".

While enjoying their crepes, couples were encouraged to partake in a vintage french card game with their Jumbo Playing cards we included in their crate. All the rules and instructions for the game were included.

Once the game was over and their crepes devoured, it was time to move to the more "ohh la la" portion of the night...Draw me like one of your french girls!

For this activity we included some sketching pencils, a sketch pad and an assortment of french themed props for the couple to use. They were invited to test their drawing skills but the choice for a nude drawing or simple portrait of their partner was left up to their own comfort levels.

In all, the date was designed to create comfort with each other and comfort within their own body. Of course an element of cheekiness and fun was also part of the plan and we are humbled by all the positive feedback.

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