Inside the Crate - August Winter Love

WARNING!! Spoiler Alert!!!!

If you haven't done your August date night yet, don't read this!

Our August Winter Love date box was all about CONNECTION and INTIMACY.

Couples found themselves invited to snuggle under their brand new throw rug while enjoying some delicious hot chocolate complete with mugs and marshmallows! To top of this activity, we also included some scrumptious gourmet "Rocking Horse Road" popcorn from our friends at Popped.

While enjoying their snacks and shared body warmth, couples were encouraged to partake in the creation of a 3D Deer Head Puzzle. Their mission was not only to complete this simple puzzle to to actually take time and think about what their partner means to them and then write those feelings on the back of the puzzle. Then once their puzzle was mounted on the wall it would act as a constant reminder of not only their date night but also their love.

Once the activities were completed couples were encouraged to move on to the final and more intimate activity for the night....Kiss Me!

This adults only card game is exclusive to Date Crate and can not be purchased elsewhere. This game contained many different types of kisses from the "Quick Peck" to the more saucy "Thigh Kiss" and more! Couples would take turns drawing a card and where then encouraged to spend time practising that kiss for a few minutes. Some kisses were advised to leave until the end or we could not guarantee the game would continue as planned.

In all, the date was designed to create comfort with each other and comfort within their own body. Of course an element of cheekiness and fun was also part of the plan and we are humbled by all the positive feedback.

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