What to do with my leftover box?

So you've had your date and now you have this box leftover. Hmm what to do with it.. you could recycle it somehow….but how.

We've all heard the term to "pay it forward" well we've started a new thing " box it forward' take all the joy that came to you in this box and pass it on to someone else.

How? Do you ask.. Simple!

I'm sure you've seen someone in need lately, so fill the box up with some things that could help them and give it to them. Someone under the weather - "Get well soon box", someone who has a long trip ahead - "Travel Box" someone on the side of road homeless - "Food Box" a little kid having rough time -"Toy Box ".. the ideas are endless!

So when you're all done with your fun date, keep the happiness going, please do.... BOX IT FORWARD!

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