Inside The Crate - September 2017


If you haven't had your September date night yet, do not read any further!! You have been warned.

So now, with that said, lets move on to what was inside the crate for the September.

September was all about intimacy and relaxation.

The night was to start with the couples making their own edible massage oils. The crate contained some Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut and Rum Flavoured Essences, Yarra Valley Honey Pods and 2 bottles to hold the oils. We also included two fluffy hand towels to use during the massage and some labels for the bottle and a marker to write with.

Also included in their crate was a Massage for Couples guide which took them through the importance of setting, movements, actions and touch to use during the massage.

Before the couples ended their night, the game "9 1/2 Inches" was included in their crate. This was an Adults Only bluffing game of sexual facts and tall tales. The idea was to convince your opponent into selecting the wrong answer.

The crate also included two giant cookies and relaxing tea formulas to finish of the night.

As always there was a Spotify playlist perfectly suited to this date and conversation cards to get the couple talking about themselves again, anything other than the usual work, errand and the like.

So whats next....well keep watching for the October theme announcement coming soon! We can promise you it will be one that the technology geeks will love!

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