Inside the Crate - November 2017


If you haven't had your November date night yet, do not read any further!! You have been warned.

So now, with that said, lets move on to what was inside the crate for the November.

November was all about growth and togetherness.

The night was to start with the couples making their own DIYChocolate Bark. The crate contained some melting milk chocolate, pretzels and chocolate Oreos.

Couples had to melt down the chocolate then before it was set, crush the oreos and pretzel and sprinkle on the top. Once it was set, couples could break up the chocolate sheet and devour.

Also included in their crate was a Magic Message Bean kit from our friends at Huckleberrystore. The kit contained everything they needed to grow their very own love messages. There was the bean of course, but also, some peat discs, chalkboard peg and chalk as well as the instructions. We also included 3 teeny pails for them to use as pots for planting their seeds.

Before the couples ended their night, the exclusive Date Crate game "Adult Charades" was included in their crate. This was an Adults Only charades game that didn’t include any naughty words, but instead was a series of innuendos that could have caused some blushing and definitely some laughing.

As always there was a Spotify playlist perfectly suited to this date and conversation cards to get the couple talking about themselves again, anything other than the usual work, errand and the like.

So whats next....well keep watching for the December theme announcement coming soon! We can promise you that while the theme is the same as an old favourite, the game is completely new!

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