The price of love: what does a typical date night cost around Australia?

JLo once sang about how her love don’t cost a thing, and the Beatles famously declared that money can’t buy them love, however, for most people taking their partner on a date night on the town proves that love and romance does in fact come at a price – thanks to EliteSingles latest data analysis they have revealed that a typical Australian date night totals up to an average of $125.

How they calculated the cost of a date night...

With the recent revelation that Australians spend $12 billion on dating activities annually, EliteSingles decided it was high time to delve into the cost of love and to discover how much Australian’s can expect to spend on a typical date night out.

Defining a 'typical date night' as one that includes a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two cinema tickets, and a 8 kilometre taxi ride home, we looked at the standard prices for each item to determine that an average date night in Australia will set you back $125. Then for parents, there was an added cost of $25 an hour on average for a babysitter. Making a night out closer to $250.

Of course, there are Australian cites where dating is a bit more costly than others however, using data from Australia’s major cities the most expensive city came as something of a surprise!

So how much does it cost to date in Australia?

Well, starting with the most expensive city to date in.......Perth!

A typical date in Perth costs $138, making a date night in the city $11 more expensive than the average. It’s not the only big city to break the $130 mark either: the aforementioned date will set you back $137 in Darwin, $132 in Dubbo and $130 in Melbourne.

At the other end of the scale is Newcastle. Indeed, for those looking to save a few notes, NSW’s second largest city might be the dating destination of choice: an average date night is only $103. That means those dating in Newcastle are spending $35 less than those in Perth – for all you lovers in Newcastle, that’s enough left over for a coffee date the next day!

Other lower priced cities include Adelaide, where a date night is $122, Canberra, where it's $126, and Brisbane, which also comes in at $126. Gold Coast dating is a snip too with date nights coming in at $107.

Taking all this into account, its no wonder dating is a rarity for most Australian couples and parents and its exactly the reason we created Date Crate. For half of the average cost, we will ship a complete and unique date night experience right to your door, no babysitters needed, no waiting around for a taxi, no hours of getting all facied up before hand. Just make yourselves comfy, open the box and boooom! Date night in a box!

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