One Couple One Box

Our names are Victoria and Jason and this is our story!

When my hubby and I decided to have a baby we spoke a lot about the importance of maintaining our relationship while balancing all the wonderful aspects of being parents.

We both work full time, which adds a layer of complication in finding the time to be together without just filling the conversation with life admin and kiddo logistics. Although we were managing semi-regular date nights- asking girlfriends to trade babysitting, the occasional night away... Date Crate was a really easy way to not only ensure we were setting time aside for ourselves, but it added a bit of a surprise and delight to our month.

Is every box a bull's eye of entertainment for both of us? Nope, but that's actually not the point. There is always something in the box that starts a conversation, entertains us, and creates space for us to just be together... the naughty packs aren't too bad either, by the way.

We were really big fans of the kiss cards. We love this and we're constantly impressed with the creativity the ladies pour into the Date Crates.

Thank you!!

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