Inside the Crate - February 2018


If you haven't had your February date night yet, do not read any further!! You have been warned.

So now, with that said, lets move on to what was inside the crate for the February.

February was all about seeing how your love stacked up and how well you could create sturdy foundations.

The night was to start with the couples making their own DIY Rainbow Pancakes. The crate contained 2 jugs of "just add water" pancake mixes, a pack of Queens Food Colouring, 4 paper cups and wooden stirrers to use for mixing mix and a homemade Mixed Berry Syrup from our friends at Not Your Normal Jam to pour over the top.

Couples had to mix the pancake mixture together with the colouring and then create the biggest tallest pancake stack they could and submit their stack on Instagram for a chance to win a little something extra in their next crate.

Also included in their crate was a Tumbling Tower Game. The couples were asked to then personalise the game with either some Truth or Dare questions or general relationship questions using the markers and pens we put inside their box.

Finally, we included some saucy Lovers Lotto Scratchie tickets that could have been used by the winner of the tower game or by the couple throughout the next month.

As always there was a Spotify playlist perfectly suited to this date and conversation question list to get the couple talking about themselves again, anything other than the usual work, errand and the like.

So whats next....well keep watching for the February theme announcement coming soon!

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