Inside the Crate - March 2018


If you haven't had your March date night yet, do not read any further!! You have been warned.

So now, with that said, lets move on to what was inside the crate for the March 2018.

March was another crate in our around the world series. This time we selected a few activities typically associated with India.

The night was to start with the couples creating their henna tattoos. We provided two pods of brown natural henna paste and a few examples of designs in the box.

We also included all the parts required for the couples to create their very own Mandala Stones.

Other activities included a relaxing and emotional Couples Meditation, Indian Snack and Custom Playlist.

Their last activity for the night was our version of the Newlywed Game - where couples ask 36 questions but answer for their partner. The aim was to see how well you both know each other.

You can watch the video below for the date night experienced by @thevibetribegroup.

So whats next....well keep watching for the April theme announcement coming soon!

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