Different Types of Attraction: Which is Most Vital for True Love?

Did you know there are actually a few different types of attraction – not just one? Find out which is the most important in order to have true love.

We all know you need attraction in order to have love. If you’re not attracted to someone, why the hell would you be around them? The truth is, there isn’t just one kind of attraction. There are a few different types of attraction you need in order to have true love.

Don’t we all want that fairytale love? Don’t we want to fall head over heels in love with someone for everything that they are? If you’re looking for real, true love, you need more than just physical attraction. You even need more than just emotional attraction.

Why love can’t survive with only physical attraction

There are people out there who marry someone just based on their looks. While you’re sitting there thinking those people are shallow, pay attention to those you’ve fallen for. What’s the very first thing you usually find attractive about a person? Their looks.

Let’s be real, though. True love can’t exist if you’re only attracted to someone’s looks. Physical appearance fades significantly as you get older. That’s why the love forged on physical attraction can never last.

The different types of attraction and which you need for true love

The process of falling in love is a very complex one. There are many things involved when it comes to you finding the one person you want to spend your life with. If you’re curious as to what it takes to find true love, here are the different types of attraction and what they can do for love.

Emotional attraction

This is probably the most important type of attraction there is. Without it, there won’t be much for you to like about a person. Here are the signs of emotional attraction.

#1 You like the way they think. This is the core of emotional attraction. If you like the way their mind works and the way they think about life and situations, you’re emotionally connected to them. You crave their attention and you want to take in everything they have to say.

#2 Their values are also important to you. When you have similar values, that’s immediately an emotional connection. You relate to them on a level that’s deeper than just what they look like. Having those values match up bonds you closer emotionally than anything else can.

#3 You feel connected while speaking about your interests. If the more you get to know someone, the more you like them, it’s an emotional attraction. When you learn new things about them and your feelings just keep growing, you’re emotionally into them.

#4 You care about their happiness. When you want someone else to be happy, you’re attracted to them emotionally. You want them to feel good and be in a positive mindset always. If you want their emotions to be high and are upset when they’re sad, it’s definitely this type of attraction.

Physical attraction

I think we all know what this type of attraction is. Nevertheless, there are the signs that you’re physically into someone.

#1 You think they look good. This is super obvious. If you see a person and immediately recognise them as a good-looking person, it’s a physical attraction. Your mind is attracted their appearance – even if you don’t know anything about them.

#2 You get turned on while thinking about/are near them. The physical attraction is definitely when you start feeling hot and horny for someone. This is particularly true if you don’t know them very well – if at all – but you still want to get down and dirty with them.

#3 You want to kiss – and do other things – with them. Just like I said above, physical attraction is when you want go hook up. You want to have sex with them, basically. If you see someone from across the club and you immediately wonder what they’re like in bed, you’re physically attracted to them.

Intellectual attraction

This is one of the different types of attraction that many people don’t differentiate from emotional attraction. However, I think it should be in its own category because it’s quite different.

#1 You love how smart they are. Being attracted to someone who’s highly intelligent is a unique form of attraction. You’re intellectually interested in them. When their level of intelligence is a huge factor in you liking them, it’s intellectual attraction.

#2 Their theories and opinions are captivating to you. If you could sit and listen to them talk about their theories of different things in life for hours, you’re intellectually attracted to them majorly. Their knowledge just draws you in.

#3 The fact that they’re intelligent makes you like them even more. If you find that you’re more attracted to those who are smart and show off their intelligence, you’re a sucker for intellectual attraction. This is one of the different types of attraction that may be difficult to notice right away. However, when you like those who are smarter, it’s sure to be this type.

Sensual attraction

If you think this is the same as physical attraction, you’re wrong. Here’s what sensual attraction is and why you need it.

#1 You want to be close to them physically. This isn’t in a sexual way. It can be, but it’s not for this one of the different types of attraction. When you just want to be physically close to them, it’s sensual. You feel satisfied just being near them – even if you’re not on top of each other.

#2 You want to cuddle with them. BUT, you definitely want to be on them. You want to be held in their warm embrace and feel their affection through touches. This is sensual attraction. When you crave their hugs, you have this type of attraction for them.

#3 You want to spend the night wrapped in their embrace. It has nothing to do with getting naked in their bed. It’s more about being in bed with them and sleeping at their side. It’s about waking up in the morning and being able to wrap your arms around them. That’s what it feels like to be sensually attracted to someone.

So which of the different types of attraction is the most important for true love? That’s a trick question. Because you need ALL of the types of attraction to truly fall in love with someone.

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