16 Non-Sexual Touches to Feel Connected and Loved

A touch can convey a lot more love and affection than words. Use these 16 non-sexual touches to feel more connected and loved in your relationship.

When two people first fall in love, there’s always a lot of physical intimacy.

In fact, new couples have a hard time even keeping their hands off each other!

They cuddle and cosy up in private, in public and every other place in between.

And somewhere along the way, that dreamy infatuation stage of love starts to get diluted with a mature kind of love.

And somewhere along that road, those hair-tingling touches that lead to sex too start fading away.

The importance of non-sexual touches in love

Of course, it’s natural for all of us to hop, skip and jump from one relationship stage to the next.

What starts off as infatuation could eventually blossom into seasoned love, and everyone’s happy with that.

But the transition from one stage in love to the next isn’t as simple as we may think.

Sometimes, love flickers, and at other times, it fades away into oblivion. And that’s all because we forget the simplest and easy things that matter in a successful relationship.

As a relationship progresses, it does need its share of sexual intimacy and sexual touches. But along with that, it also needs a healthy dose of non-sexual touches too.

The power of touches and the way you feel

A touch is reassuring and uplifting. And at least for that moment, it feels like someone else understands us and relates to us, and most importantly, connects with us.

Do you ever feel like hugging your partner or just cuddling up with them for a few minutes for no reason at all?

And when you’re feeling down and depressed, do you ever feel like dragging yourself to your lover and sinking your head into their chest?

Sexual touches and physical intimacy keeps a relationship exciting and fresh. But non-sexual touches keep a relationship going by constantly satiating our need to feel loved and cared for.