Intimacy in Relationships: 12 Reasons It’s the Key to Making Love Last

You need to have intimacy in a relationship in order to make the relationship happy and healthy.

Here’s why you always need to work on it.

There are hundreds of tips for making a relationship last from people who have made it work and also from those who wish they could have. But the one thing you’ll hear time and time again is that intimacy in relationship is crucial. And it’s not just sexual intimacy, either.

Being close emotionally is even more important than having a healthy sex life. You need to bond and maintain a close connection all throughout your relationship. If you don’t, it’ll be really hard to make your love last through all the hardships relationship brings.

Many people believe a relationship will just function on its own.

Because you’re committed. You’ve already proclaimed your love and so you feel like there’s nothing more to do. But that’s just not how love works. You need to be actively working toward a healthy relationship all the time.

It takes a lot of work and effort to make a relationship last. Those who get married thinking their love can last based on how much they care going into the relationship will find themselves very disappointed. A relationship can only last if both people are putting in the effort to maintain the intimacy.

Why intimacy in relationship is crucial to a happy, long-lasting relationship

If you think a relationship can survive without intimacy, you’re wrong. Here’s why you need to be aware of how close you and your partner are, both emotionally and physically.

#1 You’ll care more. I know this might sound weird. You love them. Of course you care. But when you grow further and further apart, you care less about them.

The closer you are to someone emotionally, the stronger your feelings grow. And if you care more, you’ll put forth a lot more effort to make them happy. This amount of effort will help your love last.

#2 You’ll learn more about your partner. We’re always changing and growing as people. So is your partner. If you stop communicating and talking to each other, you won’t learn anything new about them and it’ll keep you at a distance.

By having a deep emotional intimacy, you’ll continuously learn more about your partner and this can help you both stay close. The more you know, the more in love with them you’ll continue to fall.

#3 You’ll be more aware of sensitive issues. When you communicate regularly with your partner, you’ll easily be able to tell when certain topics are a little sensitive for them.

Many people who don’t talk to their si