The Right Priority in Your Relationship: How to Find & Focus on It

Relationships are complicated. You need to focus your time and energy into them so they flourish. But what should be the priority in your relationship?

When you are at work, it is easy to focus on a priority. There are things that you need to get done that can wait and things that are priorities. Same goes for your home life. You can hold off on vacuuming or dusting, but paying rent and buying food are priorities. What should be the priority in your relationship?

Is it you? Is it your partner? Is it honesty? Is it humour? Each relationship is different and requires different things to succeed. What should be the priority in your relationship?

What is the priority in your relationship?

Before getting into what should be the priority in your relationship, figure out what it is right now. What are you focused on and what is your partner focused on? Are you putting too much emphasis on things that don’t need it? Are you avoiding the most important priorities?

In order to figure out what the priority in your relationship is right now, go back over the last month of your relationship. What do you do together? Do you go out once a week for date night? Do you make sure to have dinner together? Or do you go to bed angry?

Do you tell each other about your days or buy each other gifts? Do you help each other? Think about any fights you may have had or any fights you feel come up over and over again. Think about what you focus on when you’re together.

That could be sex. It could be time together. Or it could be spoiling each other. It could be listening or communicating. If you feel like your relationship is going well, you may have the right priority in your relationship. But, if you feel like you’re in a rut or something is missing, reassess and find what your priority should be.

What should be the priority in your relationship?

Depending on the current state of your relationship and how you and your partner work best together, the priority in your relationship will vary drastically. It can also change over time.

Maybe when you first got together you loved the routine and comfort of the relationship, but now you need to focus on spontaneity. Perhaps you thrived off of romance, but now you need something more stable and grounded.

Here are some issues you may be having and things that should be the priority in your relationship to get back on track.

#1 You fight a lot. This is one of the most common relationship problems around, if not the most common. Fighting is a part of any relationship, but there is a healthy way to argue and a dysfunctional way to argue.

Priority: Communication

If constant fighting is your relationship’s vice then the priority in your relationship should be open and honest communication. Fighting can get heated. You can say what you’re feeling in the heat of the moment and that can lead to disrespect and cruelty. Instead, focus on