Its been a while since we did one of these but with the recent changes at Date Crate HQ and the overall look of our crate, we thought it was about time to get back on the wagon.

Fair warning, if you haven't had your May date night yet, do not read any further!!

So now, with that said, lets move on to what was inside the crate for the May 2019.

May was the first of our family friendly date experience kits with a few of the activities having a dual ability to be played both as a couple and as a family.

Our theme was Out of This World and the night was to start with the couples travelling along the interstellar highway in our Space Race Game. Couples travelled back and forwards, sideways with a risk of landing on a red star and having to perform a sexy dare.

Once they reached the end of the race and the final destination galaxy, they then had to cross an asteroid field! This activity helped couples with their communication and trust.

Finally, the couples found themselves on the front lines where they had to battle aliens for points and a final winner of the Out of This World date!

To wind down the evening, couples chatted with the final instalment of our hard hitting relationship questions while creating their very own Star Constellation Lights. (Photo credit @nicolekateandreazza)

As always the date included curated Spotify playlist, date night overtime and dinner recipe suggestions and all the bits and bobs needed to make this date complete.

So whats next....June 2019 will see a more chillaxed date experience with our Beleive It Or Not experience

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